The CX Handbook is designed to educate CX Professionals and Startup Execs on the best practices to setup and run customer-facing teams such as Customer Support and Customer Success. It was born out of Zach's experiences running teams at high-growth companies, and the recognition that patterns emerge across different companies and industries.

  • The CX Handbook is inspired by the High Growth Handbook, by Elad Gil. The gap that we noticed in Elad’s book was that it skips conversations about the customer. Instead, it focuses on important topics such as fundraising, growth (duh!), and product management. The content also seems to be entirely focused on the CEO as its audience.
  • The amount of centralized and substantive information about Customer-facing roles (Customer Experience (CX), Customer Support (CS), etc) is low. Traditionally, there are very fragmented thoughts on the topic spread across (company) blogs to market their product/service, podcasts, or an individual’s blog.

How to use the CX Handbook

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The goal is to create a centralized and publicly available CX resource so that anyone can learn and contribute their knowledge. Here are examples of how this content is intended to serve anyone engaging with, running, or scaling a CX function: - C-Levels running a CX department - Scaling CX in your business - The importance of CX - First-time managers - Career paths in CX - Learning and development - CX and Product Management


Zach Bouzan-Kaloustian is an experienced CX and Operations professional with extensive startup experience across different industries. He has run global, 24x7 teams supporting customers across multiple channels. He's gone through the process to set the vision and strategy for multiple teams within an organization and taught them how to work cross-functionally. Additionally, he's hired and mentored my team members to provide career growth and attained over 90% employee retention. Zach's a leader whose teams deliver support as a product through in-depth technical/account support, knowledge based content, social engagement, and community strategies designed to empower the customer.

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